Mattari Loop

Mottainai - a Japanese phrase that’s often used to chide senseless wastage. It’s somewhat similar to saying ‘what a waste!’ in English, but in Japan it doesn’t just stop at mere words. It’s become an entire mindset and lifestyle of loving and using items to their fullest, and even repurposing items that can no longer serve their original purpose. You can see it in the beautiful ornaments created from broken porcelain shards from the 2011 tsunami that hit Miyagi, you can see it in their traditional crafts of kintsugi and Nanbu Sakiori, and of course in the many Recycle Shops (second-hand stores) all around Tokyo. 

We’ve been thinking about our own relationship with clothing and of course we want to improve our own lines to be well-loved and well-worn. Yet there are so many beautiful pieces of clothing already out here waiting to be loved again. So when we first thought about curating a collection of what we loved and wanted to share with you, we asked if that made sense on Instagram. We ended up receiving so many messages saying YES, that we had to set up Mattari Loop. 

Mattari Loop is a curated collection of pre-loved items from our favourite stores in Tokyo. They may be haori (kimono jackets) this season, or accessories the next, but they will all be tenderly loved and carefully selected. We will open up orders for a fixed duration, after which the orders will be collated by region and sent off. Each piece is one of a kind, and come as is. 

We hope you enjoy what we’d like to share with you! 

Find our collection of haori here!

Lots of love,

The Mattari Team