Owl Cafe

Stepping into Owl Cafe feels almost like visiting some distant aunt’s house. That is, if your aunt is mad about owls and has filled her place with all sorts of owl tchotkes and random trinkets. That barely retro aesthetic is accentuated by the warm wood interior stained with the scent of tobacco and tea. It’s a small place, with no more than 5 tables and on a sunny Sunday afternoon, most of Owl Cafe’s clientele seem to be newspaper-toting elderly gentlemen. 

If you’re feeling hungry, they offer a selection of the usual Japanese coffeehouse food - curry rice, spaghetti and the like. But if you’re just there for tea, be sure to check out their cakes. Trays of Mont Blanc or cheesecake hide among other glassware and novelties in a display case that looks like your distant aunt’s silverware cabinet. 

While you wait for your order to arrive, you can always play with the little toys left on the table. Or check out the array of bags and wallets for sale in the corner. Or study the autographs left by presumably famous people from an era you’re entirely unfamiliar with. And despite the homeliness of the place, the cake and coffee are unexpectedly sophisticated. We can’t wait to try their mains next time! 

6 Chome-23-10 Asagayakita, Suginami City