'There's just no cute pajamas to be found in the States.' and 'I don't want to go around in a grey sweatshirt all the time.' are a couple whiny reasons why we decided to start this online shop filled with actually wearable kawaii. We're no experts on Japan, but extended stays and studying here have no doubt influenced our aesthetic towards the kind of whimsical prints on traditional cuts we offer on the store.


We don't believe lounge wear is just for the bed, when our homebody modes are activated, (or when we're all quarantined) we can go all day in them. So why not bring a little fun into that daily wear?


Mattari means to relax and be yourself in Japanese. We hope the lounge wear you find here are full of personality without sacrificing comfort. So you can chill out in your own style.


Mattari Lounge wear

Our current selection of pajamas and lounge wear is sourced, manufactured and shipped from China. We are also always looking for illustrators to work with for upcoming collections. If you are an illustrator interested in putting your work on pajamas, please contact naomi@mattariwear.com!


Going Green

Sustainability is a huge buzzword right now, but we don't want to just green wash Mattari. We will only state what we've done and nothing more. We treat all our suppliers honestly and fairly, but we also make sure we explain our standards despite (sometimes) differing values.We tend to be conservative with runs to avoid overproduction, so forgive us if we go out of stock frequently. We are currently looking to switch to more sustainable materials. 


We just started and are lacking in many ways, but we're always grateful for any feedback and suggestions you may have for us. We hope you'll be patient with us as we embark on this journey, and perhaps also journey alongside us.