Mattari means to relax, hang loose, be yourself.

Founded in the midst of multiple lockdowns across different cities, Mattari was born through a shared connection to Japan by two friends, one waiting to get in, and one waiting to get out. While the future seemed uncertain, they decided to make lemonade from their lemons and started Mattari - kawaii loungewear that could weather days of work-from-home and school-in-bed. Now, Mattari no longer focuses solely on loungewear but also offers pre-loved pieces straight from the heart of Tokyo. 




The Mattari Team believes in the power of connections. We are committed to building up and bringing value to everyone we connect with, whether customer, employee, supplier or partner.




Every part of the design and production of Mattari deserves careful consideration. At each step, we strive to do what's right for the planet and its people. So that we can present to you products we are proud of.




Waste not, want not. Mottanai which in japanese roughly translates to 'What a waste!' is ingrained in our soul. This conviction guides our brand as we do our best to reduce waste and make the best of what we have before us.