DISCLAIMER: Our Brand, Mattari Wear is not Affiliated with Any Other Brands

Recently, we’ve been notified by our customers that they have been seeing ads from another loungewear company that looks a lot like ours. While Oscar Wilde once said, “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”, we would like to express that Mattari Wear, the ecommerce division of Shinsaku Private Limited is in no way affiliated with any other brands that carries our likeness in terms of branding, imagery, messaging or products. 

When we started this company in the spirit of entrepreneurship, we understood that competition exists and this propels us to strive harder and create the brand that thinks of you. Therefore, we’re writing this note to remind all of you about being careful when making online purchases and we want to provide this information to those who might be confused from seeing double!

NOTE: The website below is NOT affiliated with Mattari Wear.

  If you are still feeling unsure, here is a quick checklist!

Who We Are and Who We Aren’t

  • Mattari Wear is a loungewear company and our website is www.mattariwear.com
  • All emails from us use our domain name and our ads are Mattari branded
  • We do not go by any other brand names or own separate sister companies 
  • We are not affiliated at all with any other online store(s)

Things You Can Look Out For to Shop Safely and Confidently

  • Check if the brand has an About Us page available on the website
  • Customer support email address is a Gmail address and/or Contact Page is not present
  • Generic business information cannot be found  (i.e. business address, telephone, email)
  • Business registration or incorporation details not provided in public records 

We hope this sharing was helpful for you as an online shopper! If you have any concerns or feeling doubtful about a purchase you have made, please feel free to get in touch with us immediately through our contact form or send us an email at: support@mattariwear.com

With love from,
The Mattari Team 

P.S. Mattari Wear considers the safety and well-being of our supportive customers the ultimate priority. We pride ourselves in our authenticity, professionalism and transparency and believe it is important to advise the public about potential imposters who might claim to be Mattari Wear, or are copying Mattari Wear’s website and copyrighted materials.